Where Can I Go to Sell My Used Tools?

Sell your unwanted tools at a flea market or yard sale to avoid dealing with shipping.
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Declutter your garage or work space by selling the tools you no longer need. Some people seek used tools over new -- some old hand tools are of better quality than newer models, and used tools generally cost less than new ones. Offer your unwanted tools for sale at flea markets, to others with the same trade or hobby interests, or through a used-tool website.

1 Selling Your Unwanted Tools

A flea market or swap meet is a great place to sell used tools if you have quite a few of them. Selling at such locations requires renting a space for the day, so the more items you have for sale -- tools or otherwise -- the better the chance of making a return on your investment in the space. Prices for flea market or swap meet space vary from location to location. A yard sale or garage sale is another way to unload a quantity of tools, especially if you have other items to sell as well. If you only have a few tools, sell them through online auction sites, through a local classified ad, or a community-based online site that has a "for sale" section. If your tools are specific to a trade or hobby, offer them to others you know with similar interests, or through an online forum specific to the interest. Websites specializing in used-tool sales are another option; read the fine print on the site first to determine who pays for shipping and how much you may get paid for each tool.

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