What to Do With Your Cremation Urn

There is a wide variety of urns to choose from.

When a loved one dies, some families opt for cremation instead of a burial. While some people may choose to scatter the ashes, others want to keep the remains of the person in an urn or even a keepsake piece of jewelry. These days there are many beautiful urns to hold the remains of your loved ones and keep them close to you.

1 Mantle

One place that is often used for an urn is on the mantle of a fireplace. There are so many different urns to choose from, you can purchase one that would look nice with the decor of the room, make a beautiful display and keep your loved nearby. It can also serve as a conversation piece.

2 Centerpiece

Just as a vase can serve as a centerpiece for a table, so can an urn. There are urns made out of wood, porcelain, bronze, glass and other materials that are very decorative and would complement any table. If you choose a dining table, your loved one would be with you for each meal.

3 Burial

Although many families will choose to keep the urn somewhere in the house, in some cases, the family will decide to bury the urn. Cremation overall is less expensive than a traditional funeral that includes funeral home expenses as well as purchasing a casket and burial plot. If you would like to bury your loved one but do not have the funds for a funeral, this is a good option.

4 Travel

If you want to bring your loved one with you everywhere you go, there are urns that are made for traveling. The pretty boxes are lined with a durable container that meets the standards of the Transportation Security Administration so you can take your loved on a plane with you. A traveling urn makes it convenient for all types of travel.

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