How to Build a Blanket Tent Without Chairs

Blankets make a tent cozy.
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Make every day an adventure day with a blanket tent. No chairs available to make a tent? That's okay. You'll keep your little one amused and entertained in this new-found play land without ever having to leave the house. Perfect for a rainy or snowy day when going outside isn't an option, or invite a friend over to run wild with imagination in a tent made of cushions and blankets. Your child will be begging you to build another one before you know it.

Gather any blankets and/or sheets you want for the tent. Fitted sheets help keep the cushions together, if loose enough. Too tight and they'll pull the cushions together and collapse the fort.

Pull all your couch cushions off the couch and/or loveseat. These are the walls of your blanket tent. Pillows also help with building the foundation of the tent.

Help your child stack and arrange the cushions so they stand up on end, like walls for the tent. Drape the blankets over the cushions to hold them together and to keep them upright.

Place a broom or mop stick in the center of the tent to push the sheets or blankets up. Be careful with the stick as it won't be completely secure, and if knocked over it could hit someone.

  • Keep an eye on any children in the tent to ensure if it collapses that they can escape.
  • If you don't have cushions available, instead try cardboard boxes, or rope strung across the room, with blankets thrown over them.

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