Ways to Keep Women Attracted to You

A strong self-image is an attractive feature.
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What do women really want? Do you need a face like Brad Pitt's, a body like Ryan Gosling's and the wallet of Bill Gates? Even if you have no problem getting women to notice you, keeping them attracted is key to starting a relationship and going past casual fling dating. From your self-image to how you treat others, you'll need the "just right" blend of confidence and caring to keep when on the hook.

1 Make Yourself Mysterious

While you'll eventually need to open up and share your inner-most thoughts and feelings when you're in a relationship, keeping mum and maintaining some mystery will help to keep her coming back, notes psychologist Mark Sherman in his article "How to Attract Women" on the Psychology Today website. This tactic can come in handy if you aren't sure what to say or your nerves make you constantly put your foot in your mouth. Instead of looking foolish and saying something that could insult her, let the woman do the talking. Not only will she think that you're a considerate listener, but your man-of-mystery silence may make her want to get to know you better.

2 Physical Features

If the electric spark that she felt when you first met starts to wane, and the physical attraction goes out the window, she's not likely to stick around. Physical attraction is necessary to sustain the romance, according to psychologist Vivian Diller in her article "Love Is Blind: But Only Until the Honeymoon Is Over" for Psychology Today. Keeping your woman attracted to you may mean making sure that the physical connection doesn't fail. Take the time to hold her hand or put your arm round her, even if you're just sitting together watching TV. You can also help to keep the physical attraction factor up by taking care of yourself. Even though it's tempting to get lazy, taking her out while you're wearing sweats or haven't shaved for days won't make her want to come back.

3 Caring Consideration

Acting aloof may get the girl's interest in the beginning, but as time goes by your cool behavior won't hold her attraction. Showing a woman respect, giving her support and acting honestly will all go a long way in keeping her attracted to you. For example, if your girlfriend calls you crying after her best friend ditched her for new pals, don't say "Hey, who cares? Get over it," unless you want to instantly turn her off. Instead, try something more along the lines of "I understand how hurtful that was for you. What can I do to help?"

4 Separate But Equal

Following a woman around, adopting her identity as yours isn't likely to score you a long-term attraction. Maintaining your own identity is essential for a romantic relationship to work, according to the article "Am I in a Healthy Relationship?" on the TeensHealth website. This means that you need to cut out any thoughts of clinging to her, and venture out on your own at times. Hang out with your friends and keep the same interests that you've always had instead of acting like a Needy Ned and copying your girl's moves. The confidence that she'll see in your independent nature will keep her attracted and make her want to stick around.

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