Why Do I Feel Like I Miss My Boyfriend, Even When He's Around?

Missing your guy when he's near may mean that you have more of a crush than a true romance.
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You just spent a heart-pounding, stomach-turning day at the amusement park with your guy, followed by an evening out with friends bowling. Even though your boyfriend is one lane over and completely within your sights, you feel pangs of missing him. Why do you feel like you miss your guy, even when he's nearby? It's likely that the initial stages of infatuation are taking hold, making your thoughts and feelings turn upside down.

1 Initial Attraction

The beginning stage of a relationship includes more of an infatuation or attraction than true love. Instead of feeling the closeness that comes with time spent caring and sharing, you may feel the pull of attraction that makes you want to stick by your guy's side 24-7. These newly intense feelings may make you feel like you miss your boyfriend constantly or like he's always on your mind. Additionally, not being physically near him -- even if you're only on the other side of the room -- may make you miss the touch of his hand on yours or his arm around your waist.

2 Chemical Reaction

Having chemistry isn't just a sweet saying and doesn't mean that you have a science class with your romantic interest. In the beginning stage of a relationship the brain releases chemicals that almost mimic what addicts feel, according to the article "Why Do Fools Fall in Love? Our Brains Have Some Answers" on the PsychCentral website. The chemical reaction to your love interest may truly make you crave him. While you aren't actually addicted to him -- in the same way that an alcoholic needs a drink -- you may miss him, even when he's only in the next room.

3 Insecurity Attack

If you find yourself constantly clinging to your guy or needing him to be around all the time, insecurity is likely an issue. Feeling insecure in your relationship can come from many different places. You may fear abandonment and cling to your BF with the worry that he'll leave if you're not physically present. Another possibility is that you lack the self-esteem to believe that your guy truly likes you. Missing your guy -- even when he's near -- out of insecurity may mean that you're feeling anxious at the thought of him leaving you.

4 Close Encounters

As your relationship progresses, you're likely developing a deeper sense of closeness and commitment. The more that you share your hopes, dreams, fears, proud moments or other intimate details about your life, the more time you may want to spend with your special someone. The growing feeling of true intimacy may drive you to stick close to your guy. When the two of you are separated -- even if that separation means that you're in chemistry and he's in English class -- you may long for the closeness that the two of you share.

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