Leggings seem like the easiest thing in the world to wear, but it can be surprisingly difficult to choose the right pieces to wear with them. This is especially true when it comes to shoes. Flip-flops can look too casual, while strappy high heels can look over-the-top vulgar. Boots and flats, on the other hand, are perfect matches for comfy, skin-tight leggings.

Boots and Flats

A pair of flat or low-heeled boots complement super slim leggings, especially thick versions that are reminiscent of tights. Choose cropped boots or booties, or knee-high styles. If you crave height, choose a chic chunky heel. A simple pair of ballerina flats is a great option with leggings in warmer weather. Or slide on flat strappy sandals with a sundress and leggings. Pair colored or patterned leggings with neutral shoes to avoid clashing or drawing too much attention to your lower half.