How to Introduce a New Preschool Teacher

Preschool teacher with young students at craft table.
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Both parents and educators can work together to ease a child’s introduction to a new preschool teacher. Parents can help by encouraging their children as they adjust to a new learning environment, while preschool teachers can open a gateway of communication with students' families to improve children's experiences.

1 Parents Can Ease the Transition

As a parent, you can minimize the anxiety from the change in your preschooler's schedule. If, for example, your child’s new preschool program will disrupt his current daily routine, you could begin transitioning to this new schedule weeks in advance with subtle adjustments. You and your child can meet with the new teacher before the school year begins. This will also give you the opportunity to voice any concerns you might have about the transition.

2 Teachers Can Open Lines of Communication

As a preschool teacher, one of the most valuable ways to help new students adjust is by communicating and working together with parents and students. One way to open communication with parents is to introduce yourself in a letter that provides a brief narrative of your personal, professional and academic background along with your philosophy for classroom management. You can also use this letter to highlight your overall approach to learning, discussing key curricular milestones you hope your students will achieve. A good closing for this letter is to include your contact information, which reinforces to both parents and students that you wish to work collaboratively to see your preschoolers succeed.

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