How to Have Text Messages Forwarded to Email on an LG Cosmos Touch

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Forwarding a single text from your LG Cosmos Touch to your email is easy; but forwarding more than one message can range from mildly irritating to a test of your patience, depending on the number of texts you need to forward. The SMS app on the Cosmos Touch only supports forwarding one message at a time, and the phone's proprietary operating system makes installing better messaging apps impossible. With some patience, though, you can forward multiple text messages to your email.

1 Tap Messages

Tap "Messages" from the home screen of the LG Cosmos Touch, and then select "Message" from the Messaging screen.

2 Wish to forward and tap on it

Scroll to the message you wish to forward and tap on it.

3 Tap the Options'' icon

Tap the "Options" icon.

4 Tap Forward

Tap "Forward" and type your email address into the "To" field.

5 Tap Send to forward the message

Tap "Send" to forward the message to your email address.

  • Repeat this process for each text message you wish to forward.