Funny Ways to Say Hello Over Text

Funny random thoughts can be good text message openers.
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How do you text "Hello," while still being your cool, casual, fun self? Try humor. It's actually possible to be funny and even charming in one or two texted words.

1 Start with a Joke

The way you approach the text depends, of course, on your relationship with the recipient. If you want to be silly, text, "Knock, Knock." When he replies, "Who's there?" You text, "What? You don't have me in your contacts?" Or, "Who were you expecting?"

2 Open with a Question

Questions provoke answers. Text, "What's Morse code for how ya' doing?" or simply, "Guess What?" Then, when she responds with, "What?" you text "That's not a very good guess." You could open with a "would you rather?" question or "what's your favorite?"

3 Go Foreign

Try silly foreign-sounding greetings. "Hey, Mon Frere," or "Mon Cher!" Foreign nicknames are always fun and can be innocently flattering: "Chiquita Bonita," "Hey, Legs!" or its French equivalent, "Hey, Belles Jambes!"

4 Upside-Down Numbers

There is a small upside-down alphabet at your disposal, using numbers and symbols. The 4 makes a lousy upside-down H, but try texting "07734" and see how many of your friends get that it's "hello" upside down. Use your imagination: a plus sign is a "t," the right arrow, ">," can be a "C," the 5 is an "S," and the 1 is an "I."

Nate Lee was senior editor of Chicago's "NewCity" newspaper and creative director in a global advertising agency. A playwright and published poet, Lee writes about the arts, culture and business innovation. He received his Bachelor of Arts in English from Tulane University.