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An emoticon is a series of symbols used in text messaging or emails to express an emotion without using words. Lovers, or potential lovers, tend to send roses to one another to express love, similar to sending real flowers to a date or spouse. There are several different ways to send roses to another person over email or text message. Each one has a slightly different connotation.

Varieties of Rose Emoticons

Send your lover a long stemmed rose, such as @-->--. This is made with an "at" symbol (@), followed by two dashes (-), the greater than symbol (>), and ending with two more dashes (-).

Give your lover a handheld rose, such as @}->--. This symbolizes "giving" the recipient a rose. Start with an "at" symbol (@), add a curly bracket or brace (}) , a dash (-), a greater than symbol (>), and two dashes (--) to end the flower.

Send your lover a virtual elegant rose, just like this @~'~~~. Start with the "at" symbol (@), then a tilde (~), an apostrophe ('), and then three more tildes (~).

Text your lover a short stemmed rose, like @};-. Begin with the "at" symbol (@), add a curly bracket or brace (}), a semi-colon (;), and then add a dash (-).


  • You can switch the direction of the rose for variety, placing the "at" symbol (@) on the right side of the rose.


  • Remember that the text message recipient can be charged per text message. It is best to seek permission prior to sending multiple text messages to another person.