Personality tests consist of various questions psychologists, doctors and other professionals have composed. Based on your answers, a test determines which personality type you are. The results you get may differ from one test to another, depending on the methodology the developers of the test used. Some methods divide personalities into lettered types, such as Type A and Type B, while others divide personalities into more specific categories, such as investigative, artistic and realistic. To determine your personality type, take a free online personality test.

Go to a website that offers a free personality test, such as HumanMetrics, Personality Net or Better Mind.

Register by entering your name and email address if applicable. Not all sites require you to register before taking the test.

Click on "Start Test" or "Begin" to start the test.

Answer all of the questions honestly, giving the first reply that comes to mind as typical of your thoughts or behavior. The key is to be open and honest with your answers so the test can judge your personality accurately. Most tests either require you to answer "true" or "false" or to reply using one of a series of numbers. The test will explain how to record your answers.

Click on "Finished" or "Submit" when you are done answering all of the questions.

Review the results and read the description of your personality type. Some test sites will email you the results; check your email a few minutes after completing the test. Along with your test results, some sites provide a list of careers likely to suit your personality type.