How to Keep Your Sister From Being Annoying

Sisters may annoy you because they want your attention.
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You've got a biology final in the morning, and your little sister has advanced to the super ninja level of annoying. You've tried to ignore her, but she is standing firm. You're secretly impressed with her resolve, but you've got priorities. Rather than fail your exam or move across the country, you can employ a few clever psychological techniques of your own to ensure that your sister's unwavering commitment to annoying you will take at least a short breather.

Keep calm. Experts from the KidsHealth website recommend taking several deep breaths. Getting angry or upset will make the situation worse. Listen to some music or call a friend. Give yourself time to think things through before you respond. Go outdoors or to another room for awhile if you need immediate relief from the annoying behavior before you take any action.

Ask your sister directly to stop her annoying behavior. Sometimes, people don't realize they are behaving in an annoying manner, and simply alerting them to this fact will solve the problem. Make your request specific and direct, but gentle and respectful. For example, if your sister is playing games on your Facebook account when you forget to log out, say "It really messes up my scoring system when you play Candy Crush on my Facebook account. I know you really like that game, but would you please play it on your own account? I would appreciate it." If your sister complies, be sure to thank her.

Determine what your sister is trying to achieve. She may be behaving in an annoying manner because she wants your attention. Though it can be irritating, begin by taking this as a compliment. If she didn't think you were cool or interesting, she would not bother trying to get your attention. If your sister wants your attention, offer her a trade that involves receiving your exclusive attention. For example, if your sister is repeatedly knocking on your door and then running off, say "I really need some quiet time right now. If you will stop knocking on my door for the rest of the night, I'll play a game with you tomorrow after school, and you can choose the game."

Enlist the help of your parents or others in a better position to deal with her. If your sister is intentionally annoying you purely out of spite or revenge, your technique will need to change radically. Ideally, your best bet is to handle this by ignoring or avoiding. There are times, however, when that simply will not work. As the professionals at Women's and Children's Health Network advise, there are many times in which it is important to get parents involved. It is particularly important to involve your parents if you feel like the situation is getting out of control, and you may say or do something you will regret.

  • Never physically harm your sister.
  • Avoid yelling.
  • Do not engage in verbal abuse.
  • If you find yourself becoming angry, take a time out. Leave the house for awhile if necessary, or alert your parents that you need their help dealing with your sister.
  • If your sister annoys you primarily to get your attention, try employing a longer term strategy of spending time with her weekly. Go for a walk, play a game or watch a movie together. Licensed family therapist Nicole Schwartz of suggests that parents can reduce annoying behavior of children by spending at least 10 minutes of one-on-one time with them daily. This is a great strategy for siblings, as well. When your sister knows that she will have your exclusive attention on a regular basis, she will be less likely to annoy you intentionally.

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