If your boyfriend is far away, it is normal to feel sad and lonely. You might wonder what he is doing or find it tough to have fun with your friends. Although you might feel isolated, you are not alone. According to LongDistanceRelationships.net, an estimated 20 to 40 percent of all college students report being in a long-distance relationship. Use your communication and creativity to show your boyfriend that you miss him.

Indulge Your Creativity

A physical separation is a great opportunity to show off your creativity. Make your boyfriend a special mix CD, order and send him a box of his favorite imported chocolates or create a handmade gift such as a painting or scarf for him. Enclose a handwritten note with your gift that tells him simply but honestly how much you miss him. Take videos of yourself at places that are meaningful to the two of you. Send texts with short, heartfelt messages or make a sign professing your love to sit in the background while you talk to him over the Internet.

Foster Open Communication

When your boyfriend is far away, verbal communication is especially critical. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. For example, you might tell him how scared or lonely you feel. Give him emotional support and accept support from him. If he tells you about a bad day, let him know you love him and believe in him. If you have a fight with your parents, tell him how it made you feel. Talk about everything, from the mundane details of your daily life to your hopes and dreams for the future. When you work to keep the conversation going, your boyfriend knows that he is loved and needed.

Build Intimacy

Keep a log of daily happenings and share them each time you talk with your boyfriend. Couples who are physically together build bonds that are partially based on shared experiences. Although they may seem unimportant, sharing life’s little moments helps you and your boyfriend remain close. For example, you might talk on the phone while doing laundry or text each other while watching the same TV show. This shows your boyfriend that you think about him when you are going about your daily life and that you value his opinions even when he is far away.

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Brought to you by Sciencing.com

Take Care of Yourself

Some people in long-distance relationships become socially isolated, constantly waiting by the phone for their significant other to call. Yet a relationship can only flourish when both partners are happy and fulfilled. Fight the uncertainty that is inherent in any long-distance relationship by maintaining an active social life. Go out with your friends, join a special interest group or give yourself a special treat such as a massage or a pedicure. When your boyfriend calls, you will be bubbling over with exciting stories to share rather than sinking into sadness or isolation.