How to Keep A Strong Relationship With God

A relationship with God often brings inner peace.

Developing and maintaining a strong relationship with God requires time, effort and the desire for closeness. Just as relationships with other people take work and devotion, so does a relationship with God. Putting forth that effort often leads to a greater sense of self-worth, inner peace, compassion and love. Choosing to pursue this relationship and keep it strong is something anyone can do to improve himself and his outlook on life. Take time to develop your relationship with God and reap the rewards it brings.

Talk to God. Spend time each day conversing with God and explaining your hopes, fears, dreams and regrets. Tell God anything you want to get off of your chest, even if it seems insignificant. The way we get closer to our friends is to talk to each other and become familiar with one another -- the same thing goes for our relationship with God.

Spend time in God's word. Read your Bible daily and read for comprehension -- really let it sink in and understand what you are reading. Join a Bible study group with others who share your passion for developing a strong relationship with God; this way you can all study your Bible together.

Understand and practice forgiveness. Accept God's forgiveness for your sins and misgivings. Forgive yourself for the things God has forgiven you for, as this helps your relationship with God stay strong. Give forgiveness to those around you, just as God forgives you -- it makes you feel better and helps you stay close to God.

Worship God. Participate in worship at church, sing at home or in the car, take time to thank God for the good things in your life. Worship with others or alone, or practice both. Worship is an important way to stay connected and plugged into your relationship with God.

Make God a priority. Take time to put church, worship, Bible study and prayer into your weekly schedule. Do not allow other activities or commitments to fill up time that must be spent with God. Making God a priority in your life gives you the sense of relevance and importance this relationship has and keeps your relationship strong.