How to Show Your Boyfriend That You Love Him Without Telling Him

Give your boyfriend something you know he will appreciate as a symbol of your love.
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Love is a powerful emotion that can be expressed just as well with or without words. You can let your boyfriend know you love him by always being ready to encourage him, making yourself available to support him, exchanging tokens that symbolize your love, spending quality time together and enjoying being physically close.

1 Encourage Him

Be encouraging and positive with your boyfriend. Show him that you support him by using positive words. Reassure him that you are there for him when he is feeling down or not very confident. Praise him for his successes. Make it a habit to pay him compliments for the things he is good at. Tell him how proud you are of him and how sure you are that he will do well.

2 Acts of Love

What you do for your boyfriend can confirm what he may already suspect you feel for him. Pay attention to the changes in his moods. Be there to support him when he is feeling low or in need of physical support. Instead of turning away and leaving him to suffer alone, turn toward him in these moments of need, suggests Sheri Meyers, a marriage and family therapist, in her article, "If This Isn't Real Love, What Is? The Fallibility of Infatuation," on Huffington Post. Give him a shoulder to lean on and listen to him talk about what’s bothering him. Lend a helping hand when he needs it, such as helping with homework or studying for an exam.

3 Tokens of Love

Your boyfriend may appreciate receiving physical tokens that show that you care and are thinking about him. Buy him his favorite snack. Treat him to lunch at a place where he likes to eat. Replace something that he cherished, such as a special pen or key chain. Give him a framed photograph as a keepsake. Save so you can buy him that special thing you know he’s always wanted but can’t afford: Maybe he’s been looking at a new pair of in-line skates, for example.

4 Make Time To Be Together

Make it a priority to spend quality time together. This is especially important if you are involved in activities beyond classes and work. You may have to schedule time to go out on dates or set aside extra time for special occasions. Try to connect on the phone or through text during the day, even if it’s just to say hello and make sure that he is doing OK. Don't cancel out on too many dates or miss too many calls or texts. The more time you spend in intimate contact, the more likely it will be for your love to deepen and grow.

5 Physical Closeness

Touch is important in developing intimacy. Touch does not necessarily have to put you in a compromising position. You can engage in safe and noncompromising physical contact such as a light touch on the upper arm when you are speaking to him, resting your arm on his shoulders, placing your hand on top of his or lacing your fingers through his when you hold hands.

Latoya Newman is a novelist who wrote and published her first novel in 2012. She has a background in education, research and counseling. She taught at the elementary level for eight years, and has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from York University in Toronto, Canada.