How Often Should You Contact a Woman in a New Relationship?

Pay attention to how your new girlfriend responds to your contact.
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In a new relationship, contacting a woman regularly shows that you are interested, but repeated texts or calls can make you look desperate or pushy, explains dating coach Even Mark Katz. The right amount of contact will be different for every woman. While some busy women may not have time to talk often, some may enjoy frequent contact.

1 Finding Your Equilibrium

During the exciting, early stages of a relationship, you and your new girlfriend may be thinking about each other almost constantly. If you are dating a woman who is busy, she may not have time for daily contact, however. Before you pick up your phone, consider her schedule. Does she work full-time job and go to school, too? If so, giving a few days between calls might be a good idea. One of the best ways to figure out how much contact is enough is to read your girlfriend’s non-verbal reactions. If she sounds excited to hear from you and is eager to talk, you are probably calling just enough. If she regularly sounds annoyed, cuts call short or does not respond to your texts, then you may be contacting her too much. If you are still in doubt, it cannot hurt to have a direct conversation about her expectations for communication.

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