The Girl I'm Interested in Quit Texting Me: What Does This Mean?

Have a realistic outlook when trying to decipher why a girl stopped texting you.
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When the girl you’re interested in quits texting you, it could mean several things. She might be busy with work or school or may not have phone service. It might also mean that she is no longer interested in you or is shying away from the relationship. Deciphering her behavior is often a matter of looking at the context of her texts before she stopped contacting you.

1 A Logical Outlook

If the girl you like was texting you back regularly and often initiated her own texts to you, her lack of communication might mean nothing at all. In other words, she just might not be available right then and will start texting again when she has time. However, if the girl has seemed uninterested, distant or has responded to you with short answers, she may not be interested in you, explains Dr. Fredric Neuman. Psychoanalyst Gail Saltz tells WebMD also explains that many people try to explain away a prospective romantic partner's lack of interest to protect them from the hurt of rejection. In other words, if a girl does not respond to several text messages or has been giving you lukewarm signals, this is usually a sign to step back, advises Neuman.

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