What Do I Do if My Girlfriend Won't Call Me Back?

Explain your concerns to your girlfriend in person.
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If your girlfriend won't call you back, you might feel anxious, confused or angry. Although you are in a relationship with her, she does not feel the need to return your phone calls or prioritize communication with you. While you want to be able to talk to her when you need to, you may find it difficult to understand why she does not feel the same way.

1 Work on Yourself

Although you may think that your girlfriend should always return your calls immediately, you may need to take a step back and analyze your own expectations. Ask yourself why you constantly need to hear back from your girlfriend when you call her and she does not pick up. Do you have a fear that she is with another guy, or that she does not value you? Relationships built on control and distrust are not healthy, according to Marie Hartwell-Walker, doctor of education, in the Psych Central article "Signs of a Controlling Guy." Instead of demanding that you hear back from her immediately, give her time and space to do what she needs to do, recognizing that there is most likely a valid reason she cannot return your call.

2 Explain Your Concerns

You might need to sit down with your girlfriend over coffee and explain your concerns to her. Just being able to communicate with her about the struggles you are having will help clarify what is really going on in your relationship. Being able to look her in the eye and gauge her response will help you understand her point of view. Let her know that it worries you when she does not call you back, and you are unsure of why she does not prioritize this mode of communication. She may be unaware that the issue bothers you so much, and she might work on changing her behavior once she recognizes your struggles. Talking about your problems, even the everyday problems that might seem insignificant, can protect your romantic relationship, according to the PBS.org article "Importance of Communication."

3 Ask Questions

Ask your girlfriend why calling you back is always an issue. You might discover that she is not allowed to use her phone at work, or fears using the telephone when she is driving. There are most likely good reasons for her behavior, but it might also be that she is somewhat scatterbrained and forgets to you back. The next time you are waiting for a call back, remember what she told you.

4 Establish Expectations

Establish expectations in your relationship so you know what to expect from her in terms of communication. Maybe you would like her to call you at least one time during the day so that you know everything is going okay with her and can confirm any plans with her. Compromise to come up with the best solution for both of you. It will make a difference in your relationship when you both know what you should do for the success of your relationship.

Kristen Moutria has a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Evangel University. She is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in education from the University of Nebraska.