How Much Should a Woman Text or Call a Man in the Beginning of a Relationship?

Understanding a man's boundaries and reading his cues is key to knowing how much to call or text.
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Deciding how much contact is too much can be a tough decision, especially in the beginning of a relationship. Until you know about your man’s personality, preferences and schedule, knowing when to call him or text him can be a game of trial and error. Learn to read his responses to your texts and calls to help decide if you are making the right amount of contact or coming on too strong.

1 How Much Is Too Much?

Christian Mingle and JDate conducted a survey study for their “State of Dating Report” in which they found that 62 percent of singles in their 20s often texted several times a day during an exclusive relationship. In other words, a couple texts a day might be a reasonable amount of communication. However, if your man is not responding to your texts and calls or if he seems disinterested or distracted when you call him, you may be coming on too strong, advises Dr. Fredric Neuman in "Psychology Today." Neuman explains that while women should not be afraid to initiate contact, they should take note of cues and back off from contact if a man starts to sound annoyed by your calls or texts.

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