Setting up a wireless IP camera on the iPad is as simple as installing an app. The app selection depends on what the phrase “setting up an IP camera” means. If you want to use your iPad’s camera to broadcast a live feed over a local wireless network, install an IP camera app, such as IP Cam, IPCamera or AtHome Video Streamer (see Resources). If you want to use your iPad to access an IP camera broadcasting from another device -- such as another iOS device or a security camera -- install an IP camera viewer app like IP Cam Viewer, AtHome Camera or iCamViewer (see Resources).

Step 1

Download and install one of the suggested IP camera broadcasting apps from iTunes to your iPad. Make sure that the app is not a viewer app if you want to broadcast from the iPad.

Step 2

Launch the IP camera app on the iPad to generate a unique connection ID or a local IP address for device. The AtHome Video Streamer app generates the CID, and you must enter this CID each time you log in to the app. Other apps simply generate an IP address that can be accessed by the corresponding client app or a browser.

Step 3

Open the viewer app on another device, then connect to the broadcast using the local IP address or CID. If the broadcasting app supports browser viewing, simply open a browser on the viewing device, then type the local IP address assigned to the iPad in the browser address bar.