Can I Stream Movies From My Mac to My iPad Using "Airplay?"

Home Sharing can also stream videos and media between multiple computers.
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AirPlay can be used to stream media from your iPad or iTunes on your Mac to Apple TV and AirPlay or AirPort Express-enabled equipment of your local Wi-Fi network. AirPlay can't, however, stream video from iTunes to your iPad. There's another setting in iTunes and iPad that enables you stream content from iTunes to iOS devices: Home Sharing.

1 Home Sharing

Home Sharing is a streaming setting in iTunes. Home Sharing streams content from iTunes to iOS devices using the same Apple account. To set it up, launch iTunes and select "Home Sharing" from the the media selection pane on the left side of the screen. If it isn't available, click "File," "Devices" and "Turn On Home Sharing" from the menu bar. When prompted, enter your Apple ID account name and password. Once Home Sharing is turned on in iTunes, tap "Settings" followed by "Videos" and enter the same Apple ID account name and password. When you want to watch content from your Mac, just launch the Videos app and tap "Shared" at the top of the video list.