How to Set Up Multiple Twitter Accounts on Your iPhone

Keep all your Twitter accounts at your fingertips.
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Running multiple Twitter accounts can be fun, but also incredibly obnoxious. On a computer, you need to constantly sign in and out to switch accounts or use multiple browsers. You'll have a slightly easier time on your iPhone, since the official Twitter app, if set up correctly, supports multiple accounts. The only danger is that you might accidentally tweet from the wrong account.

1 Adding Your Accounts

Launch the Twitter app, tap "Sign In" and enter the details for your first account, if you haven't already. After you've signed in to the first account, tap "Me" and then tap the "Accounts" button. This button has a stylized icon of two people and is located immediately to the right of the "Settings" icon. Tap the button marked with a plus and enter the details for your second account. Repeat the process with any other account you want to add. Keep in mind that while you can add as many accounts as you want, the app may run slower if you add more than 10.

2 Switching Between Accounts

The screen you used to add your other accounts is also the screen you use to switch the app from one account to the other. Tap "Me," tap the "Accounts" button and then tap the name of the account to which you want to switch. When you go back to the app's home screen, you now see that account's timeline.

3 Switching While Tweeting From Within the App

If you start composing a tweet and then realize you're using the wrong account, you don't need to retype your tweet from scratch. Simply tap your account name at the top of the screen to open a menu listing all the accounts you added to the app. Tapping an account name switches to it just for that tweet, without changing which account is active in the app as a whole. The only exception to this is when you're retweeting something -- retweets are automatically sent from the active account.

4 Switching While Tweeting From Elsewhere

The Twitter app integrates with your iPhone's operating system so you can, for example, tweet photos directly from within your camera roll or share websites directly from Safari. By default, the tweet is sent from the account that is currently active. To change that, tap "From" to display a list of all your Twitter accounts and then tap the one you want to use.

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