School Project Ideas for Elementary "All About Me" Day

Teachers can organize an

Celebrating an “All About Me” day gives students the opportunity to share information about their likes and dislikes, families and goals. Elementary school students can reveal more about themselves through crafts and activities with a focus on the student. These “All About Me” activities can bring students closer together and allow the teacher to learn more about her students.

1 Handprint Wreath

Have students create a wreath made out of their handprints to take home to mom and dad or to decorate the classroom. With many colors of construction paper, students can trace and cut out their handprints. DLTK’s Crafts for Kids suggests using about nine handprints for each student. Students can glue their brightly colored handprints to the edges of a paper plate. For an extra touch of personalization, the teacher can take a photo of each student to glue in the center of the wreath. This project allows students to express their creativity while developing a unique craft.

2 Presentation Day

Ask students to bring in a grocery bag full of items that represent them. Students can choose to bring in their favorite toys, a sports trophy, award or certificate, pictures of their family or pets or a favorite book. Teachers should set aside enough time for each student to share the contents of his bag, explaining why each item is important to him. This activity helps students get to know each other better and find common interests.

3 All About Me Collage

Let students flip through newspapers and magazines to find pictures and words that represent them. Teachers can allow students to glue their collected items to a small piece of poster board. Then, let students share their collages and explain why they chose their pictures. Teachers can then display these collages around the classroom.

4 Personal Calendar

With the help of their parents, students can identify important dates in their lives. Such dates would include their birthday, birthdays of their family members and friends, anniversaries and holidays. Teachers can print out monthly calendar pages and distribute them to each student. Allow the students to fill in the important dates and decorate their calendars. With the help of her teacher, each student can bind the calendar pages together with a construction-paper cover and ribbon or yarn. She then has a take-home calendar personalized just for her.

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