God Made Me Preschool Crafts

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During a unit on the creation story or as a separate lesson, teach students that God made them perfect just as they are, with crafts that keep them thinking about who they are. Emphasize not only their outer appearance but also their personality. Take time to honor the specialness of each preschooler in your classroom.

1 Life-Size Love

Preschoolers recreate the creation as they decorate life-size drawings of themselves. Have each preschooler take turns lying on a large sheet of white paper to be traced by his classmates. Let preschoolers decorate the drawing with yarn, markers, crayons, buttons or even pictures cut out from magazines, collage-style, to illustrate important features and facts about themselves. Discuss the drawings as a class to learn special fun facts about each child.

2 Mirror Image

Preschoolers can create a frame to put around their own image as they learn about God's creation of the world and themselves. Use Popsicle sticks, recycled heavy cardboard, foam or heavy paper to create a small picture frame that preschoolers can decorate with stickers, jewels and paint. Insert either a piece of aluminum foil to use as a reflective mirror for students or an actual photograph of each child. Remind students that God made each one of them, so they should always take care of and honor themselves.

3 All About Me

God made each child special, so honor their differences with a special "All About Me" book for each child. Label the cover with the title of the book, the preschooler's name and a photograph or drawing of the child. Fill each page with a different fact about the child, such as their name, their family tree, physical attributes, favorite things or best qualities, and help students illustrate and label the pages. Staple pages or thread together with yarn through punched holes and send the books home with students as a reminder of their specialness.

4 Special Self-Portrait

While looks aren't everything, preschoolers can easily appreciate the external differences that make each child special. Help students sit in front of a mirror and create a self-portrait with crayons, markers or pencils on a piece of paper. After they have drawn the shape of their face and added features, offer 3-D art supplies, such as yarn and buttons, to further decorate their drawing. Write a message at the top of the page stating that "God made me special" or write the child's name.