100th Day of Kindergarten Project Ideas

Make penny art for the 100th Day of School.

The 100th day of school offers a day for children to learn as well as have fun. In some schools, children put together 100-piece puzzles, do counting activities or bring in special projects. Activities geared for kindergartners involve creativity and imagination.

1 Edible Jewelry

Kindergartners will enjoy making and eating jewelry. For each student, count out 100 pieces of doughnut-shaped cereal and strings of various lengths: one for a bracelet and another for a necklace. Place materials in a plastic snack bag before doing this project. On the day of class, tape one end of the string to their desks. Then have them put their cereal pieces onto each string, leaving enough room to tie the ends together. When they've completed their jewelry, remove the tape and tie the ends of the strings together. Let the children eat their jewelry and any leftover cereal.

2 Centenarians for a Day

Children like to pretend to be older sometimes. Encourage children to imagine what they will look like when they are 100 years old. Have them dress up as a centenarian and wear their outfits to school. If they need some ideas, have them look at pictures of older relatives or senior citizens. Before they come dressed up, you can try to locate a local centenarian and invite him or her to visit your class and discuss their experiences with your students.

3 Toys and Games: The Future, The Past and the Present

Have children imagine what toys and games will be like 100 years from now. They can draw pictures of their futuristic toys and games, or they can create them using available materials. Also, you can provide pictures of games and toys from the past 100 years. They can compare and contrast the games and toys from the past with their games and toys. Teach them a game children played within the past 100 years. Also, have children donate old toys or games to be included in a time capsule to be opened 100 years later.

4 Collections

At the beginning of the school year, tell your students they must become collectors. Talk to them about collectors, collections, museums and libraries. Have them decide on a small object they would like to collect for the 100th day of school. Some ideas might be pennies, buttons, paper clips or soda caps. Give them an assignment sheet that tells their parents about the project and what their child would like to collect for the next 99 days. The children should collect 100 of their chosen items and bring them to school on the 100th day. On that day, have children set up exhibits of their collections in the classroom.

Yolanda D. Young has been writing for online publications such as CelebrationBlogs.com and Advice.com since 2009. She is a graduate of Kent State University and Miami University and has taught writing at Kent State University, Morgan State University and Mercer University.