Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Couples in Long-Distance Relationships

Photographic evidence of your success is a good way to go.
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Long-distance relationships do not have to be boring. Novelty and excitement could even be heightened when you are living apart. The distance can promote a creativity that wouldn't be necessary otherwise. A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to engage while inserting some fun into the miles between you. It can be time spent enjoying and surprising each other until you can be together again.

1 The Timing

Most scavenger hunts have a deadline for completion. Being in different cities, you have some options for the time frame. The hunt can last for a matter of hours or be strung out over several days, depending how difficult the items are to find. There is also the option of doing it together or individually. Hunting at the same time adds an element of competition that could be a blast. Sending your significant other on a personal scavenger hunt lends a more romantic feel to the search.

2 The List

Making the list to hunt for is easy if you know the city well. You can include landmarks, your favorite restaurant, street signs, public art pieces, a popular record store or food cart -- tailoring each list to the other person's location. If you do not know the city well, consider items in locations that could be new but interesting to your significant other. Another option is to make identical lists that include items available to you both like an elderly couple holding hands, a street sign with a romantic name or a vintage diamond ring.

3 The Tools

Take advantage of modern technology -- smart phones, cameras and computers make it easy to document your finds. They let you share the laughs and frustrations you encountered along the way. You can even make photographs a requirement of the hunt. As items are found, text or email pictures of the objects as proof of discovery. This is a way to stay connected and engaged in real time.

4 The Debriefing

Once everything has been found, it is time to talk. Find out why those items were chosen for you. Ask what her favorite thing was on the list you made. Talk about the most fun item to find or the most difficult. Create conversation around the search. Spend time figuring out if you learned anything new about each other based on what you were asked to find. The whole process is about staying connected. It doesn't have to end after the last item is found.

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