What Is a Random Yet Cute Nickname I Can Name My Boyfriend?

Come up with a nickname for your boyfriend that is cute and significant.
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It is common for guys and girls in close relationships to have cute nicknames for each other; furthermore, nicknames can indicate a strong, healthy relationship. While cute nicknames tend to evolve spontaneously over time, coming up with a cute nickname for your boyfriend can be both fun and meaningful.

1 Make It Personal

Most "random" nicknames appear random to others while having an inside, secret meaning to the couple using it. Think about your boyfriend’s personality, the things he likes and the experiences you’ve shared together. Cute and funny nicknames often come from bloopers and mishaps.

2 Beyond Honey and Sweetie

Unless it comes about instinctively, try to avoid the typical "sweetie," "honey," "hon" and "baby" nicknames that everyone else uses. Uncommon nicknames, such as "snickerdoodle," or made up words can be more meaningful. Also, try using an online language translator to find commonly used nicknames in different languages.

3 Use a Random Nickname Generator

Online name generators, such as Name Generator of Fun, let you create a random name based on gender; you can also have a name generated based on his real name. Name Generator Fun provides more than 20 generators to find your boyfriend’s nickname as a pirate, faerie, dragon, unicorn, superhero, hobbit, vampire and more.

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