How to Reset a Linksys Modem Remotely

You can remotely reset a Linksys router with a hidden administrative page.
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You can reset a Linksys modem remotely if the device is an all-in-one router. If you can access the IP address of the router administration tool remotely, you can reboot and restart the device. Many major brand routers provide an option to reset the device remotely from the router administration interface. A specific button or link can usually be found in one of the administration tool screens or menus. However, the Linksys interface does not offer such an option. Linksys routers instead have a Reset feature that can be enabled remotely by opening a hidden page once the administrator is logged in to the administration interface.

1 Router Administrator Interface

To access the router, open a browser and type ““ in the address bar, then press “Enter.” Log in with the administrator username and password. For most Linksys routers, the default username is either “admin” or the field is left blank. The default password for most models is “admin.” Check your router’s user guide for the credentials for your model. Now that you are logged in with administrator rights, you are ready to invoke the hidden reset feature.

2 Hidden Reset Feature

Remove the last part of the URL in the address bar, keeping only the IP address of “” Type “Reset.htm” after the IP address slash "/" in the browser address bar. The URL in the address bar will appear as "" Press the "Enter" key to open the Reset page. The Reset command automatically runs. A message displays, indicating that the router will restart and reset. You will be disconnected from the router while it reboots. After a few minutes, the router boots back up and you can access the router administration tool once again.

3 Back Up, Then Restore

Another way to remotely reset a Linksys router is to perform a backup of the configuration file, then restore the file. Restoring the file forces a reboot of the device. From the main screen of the router administration tool, click “Administration,” then “Config.” Click the “Backup” option to create a backup of the configuration file. Save the file to your hard drive. Click the “Restore” option, then browse to and upload the file. Once the file is restored, the router reboots and resets.

4 Physical Reset

If you have physical access to the device, you can always perform a hard reset of the router by pressing and holding the Reset button on the back of the router for about three seconds. The router powers off, then resets to factory default settings. If you just want to reset the device or obtain a new external connection, unplug the device for 10 seconds, then reconnect the power supply. Though these methods cannot be performed remotely, you can use these options to reset the router.

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