All Linksys routers have a Reset button that you can use to reset the device to its factory defaults. If the Reset button is broken, or if it doesn't reset the router, you need to use another method to reset it. The Web-based interface of the router controls all aspects of the router and can be used to perform a soft reset. You must know the username and password to be able to log in to the interface. If you didn't set a password, use the default password.

Step 1

Ensure the router is turned on and connected to your computer, then navigate to "" in your browser.

Step 2

Type the password into the "Password" field and the username into the "User name" field. If you didn't change these values, type "admin" into the "Password" field and leave the "User name" field blank. Click "OK" to log in to the Web-based interface.

Step 3

Select the "Administration" tab, then select the "Factory Defaults" sub-tab to view all settings related to the soft reset.

Step 4

Click the "Restore Factory Defaults" button and click "Accept" to reset the Linksys router. The router reboots automatically and the Power LED starts to blink. The reset takes around one minute.


  • Resetting your Linksys router restores all its settings to the default values and erases your network connection.


  • If the Power LED is still blinking after one minute, consult Linksys's troubleshooting guide (link in Resources).