How to Replace a Class Ring

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There are many ways to replace or recreate a class ring. Class rings symbolize the accomplishment of graduating high school and often have sentimental value to the owner. If you cannot remember the details about where you purchased the ring or how it looked, check your yearbooks or with the high school to get an image of the ring.

1 Contact the company

Contact the company that made the original ring. Ask them if they have a ring replacement program. Some class ring purveyors offer a program in which they will replace a class ring for a discounted price if the ring was lost or stolen. Most of these programs are for people who bought rings within the last ten years.

2 Attended the same high school

Contact classmates or family members who attended the same high school. One of them may still have their ring or a picture of it that will give you clues to what your ring looked like and who made it. Also consult your senior class yearbook for pictures or an article about your class ring. You may also want to contact the high school; there may be teachers or administrators who know what purveyor made your high school class rings.

3 Purchase a ring

Purchase a ring from the purveyor of your original class ring, other class ring manufacturer or custom jeweler.

4 Design your ring

Design your ring. Use references you have from photos, articles and descriptions by classmates to recreate the original ring or design a completely new ring. Describe how you want the ring to look in great detail. Draw a picture of the ring. If you cannot draw it, write a very thorough description of the ring including size, color, what mascot or words were around the band, the color of the stone and any other features to be included on the ring.

5 Search

Search for a second-hand class ring at pawn or thrift store in your area. If you don't want to order a new ring by a used class ring. Take the ring to a custom jeweler and have the ring altered to the details you need.

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