How to Get a Bible Engraved

A Bible often contains family birth and marriage dates.
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Bibles tend to be very personal items. It may contain the owner's handwritten notes and markings, and sometimes contain details about a family. For this reason, some people wish to have their own and gift copies of Bibles engraved as these books hold the keys to histories and faith. A church also may wish to have its inventory of Bibles engraved to keep track of them.

1 Leather-bound vs. Hardbound

Buy a Bible from a retailer that also offers engraving services; the retailer will know which among its inventory engraves best. Typically, leather-bound Bibles carry engravings, but some retailers do engrave hardbound versions as well. Work closely with the retailer and engraver to ensure you are buying a copy of the Bible that can be engraved before making the purchase.

2 Old and New

If you have a favorite Bible or a family heirloom copy, contact a book restoration company about having it engraved; if you find the service out of town, be prepared to pay to ship your Bible to and from the restoration company's workshop. You can order new, custom-engraved Bibles at local or online Christian bookstores. Engraving usually costs extra, so you may wish to shop around before settling on a purchase.

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