How to Get Your Ring Size Using a String

You don't need a jeweler to size your ring finger.
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When you don't know your ring size, it's a challenge to find jewelry that fits. If your ring is way too tight, getting it off your finger becomes a real struggle. If it's too big, the ring might slide off, so you're more likely to lose it. If you want a new ring but you're not up for a trip to the jeweler, size your finger at home with a piece of string and a ruler.

Cut a 6-inch piece of light-colored, nonstretchy string such as yarn or twine.

Wrap the string around the base of your finger, just below the knuckle.

Use a pen to mark the string where the two ends overlap.

Lay the string flat across a ruler with the pen mark on the right.

Note the number on the ruler that's closest to the pen mark. This is your ring size in inches.

Compare the size in inches to a ring-size chart (see Resources). For example, if you measured the string at 1.94 inches, your actual size would be 5.

  • For best results, measure when your hands are warm, not cold. Your fingers may shrink slightly if they're cold.
  • If you're buying a ring as a gift, try asking the recipient's friends or family about her ring size.
  • Size 6 is the average woman's ring size. Size 10 is the average ring size for a man.
  • If you don't have string, measure your finger with a piece of paper that's 6 inches long and about 1/4 inch wide.
  • If you do not have a ruler, you can print one on a sheet of paper (see Resources).
  • Ring sizes differ if you're not in the United States or Canada. Consult a ring-sizing comparison chart to find your size in another country such as Australia, Germany or France.

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