If that big beautiful ring you just bought flip flops back and forth between your knuckles, it’s a sure sign that the band is too big. While you’re waiting to get it resized, you can still wear it without worrying that it will fall down a street drain. With some creativity, your ring will be snug and secure.

Temporary Ways to Tighten Things Up

Put the ring on and pull the top of it straight up to see how much excess room there is. Then, take the ring off and cut a tiny piece of moleskin using scissors. The moleskin needs to be the width of the ring and 1/2 inch wide or less. Peel off the sticky side and wrap the moleskin around the bottom rim of your ring. If you don’t like the look of moleskin, wrap clear tape around the same location, using as many layers as needed until the ring fits. For a less-noticeable fix, look for a clear ring-sizing liquid that you paint on the inside bottom of your ring like polish. Add multiple layers until you achieve the right size and peel it off once you make it to the jeweler.