How to Order Old Yearbooks

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A high school yearbook can really make you nostalgic for the “good old days.” Whether it is due to fire, flood or misplacement, losing a yearbook and missing out on those occasional trips down memory lane is a downright shame. It may take a bit of detective work, but if you hunt around a bit you should be able to find a replacement copy. Even if those you approach about obtaining a replacement cannot help you, they may be able to direct you to someone who can.

1 Contact your high school

Contact your high school by phone or by email to inquire about whether or not they have extra copies of the yearbook in storage. Talk to the folks in the main office as well as the librarian. Libraries often hold onto unsold copies. If the office or library has books available, submit the requisite fee and provide your shipping address to the librarian to order your yearbook.

2 Ask

Ask for the name of the printing company that produced the yearbooks, if the library does not have extras. Contact the printing company to inquire if they have the original files and can print you a new book. If so, submit the requisite fee and provide your shipping address to have a new yearbook produced and sent to you.

3 Research

Research online sellers to see if your yearbook is available anywhere, if all else fails., for example, sells only old yearbooks; and you can also sometimes find yearbooks on more general reseller websites such as, and

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