How to Change the Stone in a Class Ring

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As time passes so do preferences, and you might decide to change your class ring’s stone. Changing or replacing the current stone in the ring is not a difficult endeavor, but it does require the skill of a professional jeweler and a quality replacement gemstone. No matter your taste or budget, updating your class ring’s gemstone can be done without emptying your wallet and without compromising the beauty and design of your class ring.

1 Purchase a new stone

Purchase a new stone with the exact same size, shape and cut of your current stone on a jewelry television show or online. This stone can be taken to jeweler, who can extract the current stone and replace it with the new stone for a small fee.

2 Visit a jeweler

Visit a jeweler and ask about replacement stone options. Jewelers carry a wide variety of stones that can be ordered for your class ring and installed for varying fees.

3 Contact the vendor

Contact the vendor who created your class ring. The manufacturer can advise you about changing your class ring stone and provide you with price lists. Most class ring suppliers do not have show rooms, and they might ask that you ship your ring directly to one of their repair centers.