Google offers the option to create a Google Apps account if you want to use its services in a more business-oriented atmosphere. This allows you access to tools in the cloud to help your business stay connected, including the ability to set up a Google Apps Mail email, which allows you to set up an email address hosted on your domain, and use Google's Gmail features to read and interact with your mail. A Google Apps Mail account works the same as a regular Gmail account. You can add and remove Priority Inboxes in this account in the Settings section of the mail account to help you sort your mail more efficiently.

Step 1

Open your Google Apps Mail sign-in page and enter your username and password. Click the "Sign In" button to be taken to your Google Apps Mail account.

Step 2

Click on the gray button with a gear icon in the top right corner of your email account page. Click on the "Settings" option in the drop-down menu that appears.

Step 3

Click on the tab labeled "Inbox" in the "Settings" pane.

Step 4

Locate the "Inbox Sections," listed just below the "Inbox type" section. Click on the "Options" link next to the Priority Inbox that you want to remove. Click on the "Remove Section" option at the bottom of the drop-down menu that appears. Repeat this for each priority inbox that you want to remove.

Step 5

Scroll to the bottom of the "Settings" pane and click the "Save Changes" button.