How to Stop a Clock From Ticking

A ticking second hand can be a constant annoyance.

A clock that ticks loudly can be a great annoyance for you and your family. The second hand creates the most constant tick and is a nonstop noise. Some clocks have such loud ticks that they can disrupt you from sleeping or sometimes even concentrating on a simple task when there are no other noises in the room. The purpose of the clock is to keep you informed of the time and not disrupt your daily activities. If you have an excessively noisy clock, consider some ways to stop the ticking and enjoy the peace and quiet of a quiet room.

Apply clock oil to all the moving parts of the clock. If the tick you are hearing is not meant to be as loud as it is, then clock oil can lubricate the inner workings of the clock and reduce the noises. Clock oil can be purchased at specialty clock shops and comes with an applicator pen. Remove any casing to the back of the clock and apply the oil where there are gears or moving parts.

Insulate the wall that the clock is resting against. The ticking of the second hand will resonate through wood walls and drywalls and create a louder noise than desired. Experiment with different materials and use the one that works the best. Sometimes a piece of a blanket will do or foam from a pad or a mattress. Install the material in between the clock and the wall and test out each material for one day so you can get a sense for the noise it makes throughout different noise levels in your home.

Remove the batteries from the clock when the sound becomes too much. By removing the batteries, the clock will obviously not function but it is an easy and quick way to eliminate the noise completely. Batteries are usually located on the back of the clock near the bottom. Remove the batteries and store them in a location where you can easily find them when you are ready to turn your clock back on.

Place the clock in a closet, another room or outside when the ticking becomes excessive. Compared to removing the batteries, this method will keep you from having to reset the time every time you want the clock back on. Find a safe and secure place that you can remember and simply store the clock in this location during the hours you don't want to hear the ticking.