How to Get Ready Without a Shower

No time to shower? Try a quick sink wipe down.
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You have probably, like most people, been in situations where you have somewhere to be, and no time to shower. Perhaps you’ve hit the snooze button too many times, have a family to get out the door, or are out in nature where a tub isn’t available. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to easily get yourself ready and feeling freshly showered, without actually doing so.

Wash your face with warm water and facial cleanser, and then brush your teeth as you normally would. Dry off with a clean washcloth.

Dampen a washcloth and wipe down your arms and your underarms. Lean one armpit over running facet water and, cupping your hand, gather the water and splash it upward into your armpit.

Squirt a teaspoon-sized amount of hand or body wash into your palm and rub it into your dampened armpit and down your arms, lightly scrubbing to remove grime. Rinse your arm in the sink and splash your armpit as you did before. Repeat with the other arm and armpit.

Comb your hair free of tangles. Sprinkle a light layer of baby powder over the roots of your hair, lifting and separating pieces of hair to get dust it all over. Comb out your hair again, flipping your head over afterwards and running your fingers from the scalp to the tips to shake free excess baby powder. This will minimize the oily or greasy appearance that may be present in your hair as a result of not showering.

Apply makeup as desired followed by deodorant under your arms. Spray a light mist of cologne, perfume or body spray over your body.

  • If you don’t have running water readily available, use baby wipes to wipe down your entire body. Keep witch hazel on hand, dab some onto a cotton ball and wipe your face. Apply baby powder as before to soak up excess oils in your hair, and have a bottle of water on hand to brush teeth with.
  • Talc powder can also be used in place of baby powder. If neither of those are available, check your kitchen cupboard and use a little corn starch or baking soda if needed.
  • In situations when you can’t or don’t have a shower, hats and head scarfs can be a lifesaver. Even if you use baby powder to soak up the excess oil in your hair, you can still throw on a cute hat or headscarf if you are feeling self-conscious.

Amy Davidson is a graduate from the University of Florida in Gainesville, with a bachelor's degree in journalism. She also writes for local papers around Gainesville doing articles on local events and news.