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Religious people give tithes to support their local church or ministry. The tithe is normally ten percent of the giver’s income. In order to claim your tithes and offerings on federal taxes record your tithes properly. Place your tithes in a tithing envelope that is marked with the appropriate information. The church keeps a record of the tithe and sends an end of the year tithing report to givers. Fill out all the blanks on your tithing record to insure you can claim your deductions.

Tithing Envelope Records

Fill out the first line of the tithing envelope. Write your legal name that you use for your taxes.

Fill in the address box with your street address, city, state and zip code.

Write the amount of the tithe you are giving in the box marked “Amount” or “Total.”

Write the current date on the envelope. If there is a space for the date, write it there.

Place your check in the tithe envelope and seal the envelope. Place your tithes in the collection plate or bucket.

Tithing Spreadsheet

Open your spreadsheet software and name your file by the year.

Create cells in the top row labeled name, date and amount.

Highlight the text and choose the bold font. Save the spreadsheet.

Enter information from the tithing envelope to the spreadsheet.

Put the giver’s name in the “Name” box. Place the amount given in the “Amount” box and record the date given. Save the information.

Things Needed

  • ['Tithing envelope', 'Pen', 'Spreadsheet software']