How to Create a Homeschool Report Card

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Some states require that homeschoolers keep grade reports and report them several times a year. Some homeschoolers keep track of their homeschoolers' grades for their personal records. College-bound homeschoolers need to be able to report educational progress through recordkeeping, as well. Creating a homeschool report card is a major part of this recordkeeping process. Creating a homeschool report card doesn't need to be complicated or follow a strict format. If you can homeschool your children, you can also can create a homeschool report card for them.

Label your homeschool report card spreadsheet rows. First, enter the name of the child and the grade they are in at the top of the page. Under that, create six to 10 rows. Label your rows as follows: Subject, math, Language Arts, History/social studies, Science, and Health. You may add additional columns for Visual Art, Music, Foreign Language, and other subjects if your student is working on these electives.

Label your homeschool report card spreadsheet columns. Your first column will already be completed for you. It is the column designating the rows. Go to the "subject" row and make four five more columns, one for each semester. Label them as follows: semester 1, semester 2, semester 3, semester 4 and final grade.

Make room for notes and comments on your homeschool report card. Beneath your labeled spreadsheet, designate a few lines for each semester so you can make a note of any special goals and progress for the homeschool student as the school year progresses.

Enter grades into your homeschool report card. As the school year progresses, you will keep a record of completed work and test and quiz scores in a separate notebook or spread sheet. Approximately every eight weeks, calculate a fair score for your child based on her progress and effort for the semester. Each subject should have a separate grade. In the notes section, write in the child's strengths, weaknesses and any grade explanation you feel are necessary.

Enter the final grade into your homeschool report card. At the end of the school year, after each semester grade has been recorded, average out the four grades to assign a final grade for the class. Some homeschool parents and even teachers will weigh the final exam heavily and include the final exam grade into the set of grades to average for the year. Don't forget to add an end-year report of major improvements the student made during the year and areas he can work on over the summer.

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