How to Open an SPMO File on a Droid X

SPMO files store zoom, pan and other image-related data.
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SpeedView Meta Object files help the Android Gallery application quickly open images on a Droid X. The files are usually stored in the DCIM directory with the images on your device, and if you delete an SPMO file, a new one is created the next time you view an image. They contain information needed to display high-resolution images on a small screen, and you can open them the intended way simply by viewing images on your device. If you want to view the information stored in an SPMO file, you can open it in a text editor.

1 Using Gallery

2 Open Gallery

Open Gallery, select an album and tap an image to view it in full screen mode. Touch the image to display the Gallery controls, including the zoom and menu options.

3 Tap Zoom In

Tap “Zoom In” to enlarge the image and slide the screen to pan to the left or right. Gallery creates an SPMO file containing the zoom and pan information so that the next time you open the image, the position and magnification are restored.

4 Open the same image in Gallery at a later time

Open the same image in Gallery at a later time. Gallery opens the SPMO file in the background to access the image's metadata, immediately displaying the image at the previous position and magnification.

5 Using a Text Editor

6 Install an Android text editor

Install an Android text editor, such as Text Edit, Text Viewer or Ted (links in Resources). These applications can display any file's data as ASCII characters, even data not stored in human-readable form, such as SPMO data.

7 Launch the text editor

Launch the text editor and navigate to the DCIM folder when the program displays its file browser. SPMO files are located either in the Camera directory or the SPMO directory in the DCIM folder.

8 Tap a file

Tap a file to open it in the text editor. When translated to ASCII characters, the file's data looks like a random string of letters, numbers and special characters. If you edit the file, Gallery overwrites your changes the next time you view the associated image.

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