Android's hidden folder function allows you to store media such as images or video on your device without making that media available to the phone's Gallery app. Hiding folders can be useful if you use your phone as an external storage unit, enabling you to separate the images that you want to view in your phone's Gallery from those that you merely want to store on the device. You can only access files located inside a hidden folder using a file manager, such as the Droid X's built-in Files app.

Step 1

Tap the Launcher icon on the Home screen to open the Droid X's Applications tray, and then tap “Files” to open the Files app.

Step 2

Tap “Phone Files” to view files stored on your phone's local storage.

Step 3

Scroll down the list of folders and select the folder that contains your hidden images. Android hidden folders always have a period in front of their filename.

Step 4

Tap the image you wish to view to open that image.