How to Make Tessellations With an Index Card

Turn your basic note card into a tessellation.

Tessellations are designs that repeat over and over, such as those that appear in quilts and artwork. Create tessellations using a note card and other office supplies found in most homes. Once you create the design, it can be repeated over and over without intersecting lines or spaces. Make the tessellation into an animal or other interesting design by drawing facial features and adding color to the entire piece.

Lay your note card on the table horizontally in front of you. Draw a curved or zigzag line from the top left-hand corner to the bottom left-hand corner.

Cut the card along the line you just drew. You now have two pieces. Move the smaller piece to the right of the larger piece, lining up the two straight edges. Tape the two pieces together.

Draw a line from the top left-hand corner to the top-right hand corner. Again, it can be curved or zigzag.

Cut along the line. Move the smaller piece to the bottom of the note card, matching the straight edges; tape it in place.

Trace your tessellation onto a large piece of paper; trace it again right next to the first one, fitting the two together like puzzle pieces. Repeat until you run out of space on the paper.

  • Your tessellation can be as large or as small as you like. Use card stock to make a larger one.

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