Hoodies are loved by young and old -- especially when they're not draped all over the house.

Hoodies, hoodies, everywhere -- it's true, these favored pieces of clothing can take up a lot of space. But although hoodie sweatshirts are bulky, folding them down to size doesn't have to be a big chore. The key to folding a hoodie into those elegant squares that you see in stores is making sure that everything is tucked taut. The added bonus is that these perfectly neat hoodie squares don't budge -- so you can be sure that even the most frantic drawer search won't wrinkle your expert folding job.

Smooth Sailing

Lay the hoodie on a clean, flat surface. Zip it up if there's a zipper and turn it face down. Use your hands to straighten and flatten out the wrinkles from the sleeves to the body.

Folding Under Pressure

Take the right sleeve and fold it straight across the back. Repeat with the left sleeve. If the sleeves run over the sweatshirt, simply fold the cuff back a little. Look for the shoulder line and fold the sweatshirt in on one side so that the edge hits the middle of the back of the sweatshirt. Repeat on the other side. Fold the sweatshirt upward in half so that it's flat and square.

Look Under the Hood

The dangling hood is used to contain the sweatshirt so that it doesn't come undone. Keep the sweatshirt laying facedown. Take the hood and turn it inside out over the back of the sweatshirt and envelop the hoodie's body. If the hoodie has drawstrings, pull them so that the sweatshirt is tightly enclosed inside the hood. Voila -- you have a sweet hoodie square to tuck into your drawer.