How to Do Overnight Curls With Wipes

Polished curls like Ashley Benson's can be created using baby wipes.
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Baby wipes have probably earned a place in your beauty cabinet by now, either for removing makeup in a pinch or or a quick brush cleanse. You'll be doubling your supply when you start using them to curl your hair. Much like rag curls, baby wipes create lasting ringlets without heat. They form beachy waves when used wet, and bouncy curls when left out to dry for 10 minutes. Allow baby wipes to take over more than just your skin care routine, and wake up with flawless curls.

Brush your hair to remove any knots. Start with hair that is dry.

Pick up a 1-inch-wide section of hair closest to the front of your hairline at the center of your forehead and hold it straight out in front of you. Spritz the underside from root to tip with water from a spray bottle to dampen it, helping your hair to form to the curls without weighing it down completely.

Place the baby wipe on a flat surface. Grasp the top two corners of the wipe with each hand and roll it tightly until you reach the end, forming a cylinder.

Place the rolled baby wipe on top of the first section of hair, 1 inch from the end. Wrap the tail end of the section over the baby wipe toward your face twice, and hold the wipe and the wrapped portion with your thumb.

Roll the wipe in your hair upward toward your scalp until you reach the root.

Cross the left end of the wipe over the right end, wrap it around the right end and put it through the newly formed loop. Pick up both sides of the rolled wipe and tug them tightly to form half of a square knot.

Repeat on all hair, working in 1-inch-wide sections over your crown and moving to the back and the sides.

Leave the wipes in your hair overnight. Untie the knots in the morning, and run your fingers through the ends to loosen the curls as desired.

Pour a quarter-sized amount of anti-frizz serum into the palm of your hand, and rub your hands together. Pull the serum through the curls, starting 2 inches from the root and continuing to the tip. This will add definition and tame frizz.

  • Curls made with wipes can last between two and three days if you have textured hair. They will loosen into a wave after the first day if you have naturally straight hair.

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