How to Make a Temporary Password for Twitter

Access Twitter securely from anywhere with a temporary password.
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Twitter offers several tools to help you create temporary passwords for different account login situations, including for times when you need to give someone temporary access to your account, use a public computer or log in from another device or application. You can also create a temporary password if you have forgotten your existing one. Whatever your situation, you make a temporary password on your account’s Password screen or Twitter’s home page.

1 Make a General Password Change

When you’re logged in to Twitter, you can create a new password at any time. Once you use the password, you can immediately change it back to the old one. Click the gear icon, select “Settings” and then select “Password” to access the Password screen. Type your existing password in the “Current Password” field, type your new password in the “New Password” and “Verify Password” fields, and then click the “Save Changes” button.

2 Generate a Device or Application Password

If you’re using Twitter’s optional enhanced security login verification service, you must manually ask the site to generate a temporary password when you need to log in from a different device or application. From the device you normally use to access Twitter, log in and go to the Password screen. Click the “Generate” button, enter your existing password and click “Generate.” Wait for Twitter to give you a temporary password, and then go to your other device or application and log in with your username and the code.

3 Reset a Forgotten Password

If you have your password saved somewhere and don’t remember it, Twitter's reset tool can help you create a temporary new one. Go to the Twitter home page, click “Forgot Password?,” type your email address, phone number or username, and then click “Submit." Open Twitter’s reset email in your inbox and click “Reset Twitter Password Now” or the provided URL. When prompted, enter your new password twice and click “Submit.” To restore your previous password, make a general password change on the Password screen.

4 Tips and Warnings

Always use a reset link or temporary login verification password as quickly as possible after you make your online request. According to Twitter, a reset link is “time sensitive” and a login verification temporary password expires after one hour. If you can’t find Twitter’s reset password email in your personal email inbox, check your spam folder. Information in this article applies to Twitter as of February 2014.

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