You can also set up your iPhone to receive Google Voice calls.

Use Google Voice to make calls from your iPhone when you want hide your regular phone number; instead of your iPhone number, call recipients see your Google Voice number on their caller ID. The easiest way to call with Google Voice is to install the Google Voice app; you can make calls directly from the app, and even use your iPhone contacts. If you prefer, you can instead make an outgoing call by dialing your Google Voice number directly and forwarding your call.

Install Google Voice App

Install the free Google Voice mobile app from the iTunes App Store. Enter your Google account information during the setup process the first time you run the app.

Launch the app when you want to make a call, and then tap the "Dialer" tab at the bottom of your screen.

Enter the number you want to call, including "1" and the area code. Alternatively, tap the contacts or favorites tab to select one of your iPhone contacts.

Tap "Call" to dial the number.

Call Without App

Call your Google Voice number from your iPhone.

Tap "*" after the first ring, and then enter your Google voicemail PIN if prompted.

Tap "2" at the voicemail prompt to indicate you want to place a call.

Enter the number you want to call, including "1" and the area code.

Tap "#" to dial the number.


  • Information in this article applies to the Google Voice app for iOS, version 1.5. It may vary with other versions.