Can I Skype Without Video?

Use Skype with a headset to make audio calls to Skype clients and other phones.
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Skype may be best-known as a video calling app, but it has several other features you can use if you don't have access to a webcam or don't want to make use of it. These alternative communication methods work across Skype's desktop and mobile applications to keep your conversations in sync.

1 Audio Calling

Calls made on Skype can be audio-only. This covers free Skype-to-Skype calls (to and from the desktop and mobile clients), and you can also ring landlines and mobiles from Skype by purchasing Skype Credit. Group conference calls and a free voicemail service are also available.

2 Instant Messaging

Skype also provides a free instant messaging service comparable to other platforms like Facebook Chat or Yahoo Messenger. You can chat with contacts one-on-one or create group chats with many people at once. With Skype Credit, you can also use the service to send SMS messages at low rates.

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