How to Find a Phone Number in South Korea

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Calling different countries requires a different set of rules than making local or domestic calls. For example, calling a phone number in South Korea requires knowledge of the specific country code. If you are looking for a phone number within South Korea, several resources and strategies are available to help you find the number. Once you have it, a little knowledge about making international calls can help you call the person or business you want to speak with.

1 Understand to call South Korea

Understand how to call South Korea and make international calls so you know what type of number you’re looking for. To make an international call from the United States or Canada, you must first dial “011.” Then, you need to dial the country code. South Korea’s country code is 82. Finally, you will dial the area code and then the phone number. This is important to understand before finding the number because if you are give an area code and a phone number in South Korea, you will first need to dial “011-82” to make the call.

2 Contact the individual or business

Contact the individual or business in South Korea you wish to call in a different way to ask for the phone number. For example, if you have an email address, you can email to ask for the number, or if you have a physical address, you can write a letter asking for the number. Be sure to include your own contact information, including your email address, physical address and telephone number.

3 Talk

Talk to any mutual friends or business associates you have with the person or business you want to call. You may be able to locate the number this way. For example, if you need to contact a local office for a South Korean business but only have the corporate phone number, you can often use it and ask a customer service representative for the number of the local office you wish to reach. This same strategy can be used when looking for an individual’s number in South Korea.

4 Utilize online resources

Utilize online resources to find the South Korean phone number you’re looking for. These resources can be accessed no matter where you are in the world as long as you have an Internet connection. For example, allows you to use a person’s name to look up their contact information in South Korea, including their email address and phone number. Asia Yellow Web Korea is another online resource that allows you to look up businesses in South Korea by searching for names or by category, such as "hotel" or "bank." The listing for the business will include a link to the business’s website where you can locate the telephone number.

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