How to Make a Game App

Make your own custom game apps for your mobile phone.

Making a game app (application program) for your own mobile phone cannot only be a lot of fun but can make your life easier. Once your custom game app is made, you cannot only play and test it anywhere, you can also share it with your network or even submit it to a game app publisher to earn extra money. However, before you start, give some thought to the game app software. Easy to use game app software is best for the novice as professional level development software takes months to learn.

Locate the easiest to use game app development software that is free and known to be reliable. For this application, use Google APP Inventor.

Download APP Inventor to your computer from the Google APP Inventor website. Follow the instructions to install APP Inventor.

Start APP Inventor and create a new project. Connect your smartphone to your computer's USB port.

Use the sound, picture, text and touch button components in the APP Inventor tool box to create a simple game app. Follow the beginner's tutorial on the APP Inventor website to see how you drag and drop each of these components to make a simple game app.

Click the download option in APP Inventor to download the game app you created to your phone. Test the game on your phone.

  • Making your game app completely unique requires you create components of your own that feature unique functionality. Make sure the game app development software you choose supports custom coding and can be easily ported to different phones and different programming development environments.
  • Making games that require any level of complexity requires you become familiar with all the APP Inventor components and associated functions. Review the APP Inventor Reference Manual to find out the available functions.

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